Web Design Photography Video Marketing Client Briefs Home Web Design Photography Video Marketing Client Briefs Site Design Host & Maintenance E-Commerce Forms and Forums Video Photo Galleries Domain & Email Setup To request a quote for a custom built site please fill out the online quote form. This form will be sent via email automatically to us.

Our philosophy is that once we have been paid to create your site your monthly cost to host the site on the internet should be minimal.

We setup your site with a hosting package from 1&1 under your name.

This means you pay directly for your hosting (starting at just $4 a month)
as we do not tack on a handling fee.

Click on the 1&1 logo to view hosting packages available and the current cost.

TOP TIER SITES           Budgets $1,500 and over

NW Mill and Door Company

MID TIER SITES           Budgets between $1,000-$1,500

MID-LOW TIER SITES    Budgets between $500-$1,000

LOW TIER SITES          Budgets from $250-$500

Hood Canal Lodge for Sale Janice Pedersen Owner Hazel Creek Montessori School Tierra Harris Earthmovers NW Jim Peek Windermere Real Estate Bainbridge Island

“How much is a website going to cost me?” is a question that is akin to asking how much is a piece of string going to cost or how much is a new car.

It all depends on how long that bit of string needs to be and what you want your web site to do. Most cars will get you and 3 friends from A to B but what if you need seating for 7 and Four wheel drive to get you across the terrain with extra cargo capacity to carry all your gear?  

We can design a simple 5 page site, include a photo gallery or small video clip and link up to 5 email addresses for $500 with a host service package that charges just $5 a month. Want more? Give us a call to discuss what you would like your site to feature and say about you and your business. Remember that your clients will judge the value of your service and the level of your professionalism by what they see in the first few seconds when they arrive at your site so don`t risk losing their confidence in you and your business.

Skies the limit with multiple levels and branches.

Videos, Forms, Blogs, Photo Galleries, Signup lists etc are possible with this kind of budget which allows for a detailed level of graphic design with plenty of imagery used throughout the site.

Multiple levels and branches.

Videos, Forms, Signup lists etc are still possible with this kind of budget... Just not as many levels/content as the top tier budgets.

The “Sweet Spot” for most small business sites. Limited levels and branches.

Budgets in this range allow small businesses to get a foot-hold on the web.

Typical 5 page site will hold mostly static content but on the higher end will still allow some on-site video/form content.

Limited levels and branches.

Budgets in this range allow small businesses to get a presence on the web with 1-5 pages of content .

Typical site will hold mostly static content but will still allow some downloadable form content, a link to a YouTube video and collect email addresses.

Contact About “Thank you for the fabulous look. It's not just a web page online, it is truly designed! You have done lots of work and showed your creative magic in action.”


Web Design Photography Video Marketing Client Briefs Home Web Design Photography Video Marketing Client Briefs

Let us build you the site your business deserves!

Our design philosophy is to build clean, simple but stylish sites that provide
a maximum of information in the minimum of clicks.

We realize that Keyword optimization is crucial and not only work with you to identify the keywords that will bring visitors to your site but also build every site to feature optimized Meta data, Header tags, Alt tags and ensure that our sites are structured to achieve the best natural search ranking we can achieve without having to resort to pay per click advertising.

If you have a product or service you wish to sell via your web site an e-commerce site with PayPal billing is an ideal way to take orders while having the strengths of an established payment provider backing your site and handling collections for you.

We offer design and maintenance both on new and current web sites

When your clients arrive at your homepage they should instantly know where to go next to find the information they seek and that information should be no more than 2 mouse clicks away. Animated graphics and flash banners have their uses but so easily can be distracting rather than be useful and can draw the viewers eye away from what is important...the message itself.

Your site is only effective if your clients can find you.

Using various browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari we ensure your viewers always see the best looking content possible no matter where its viewed.

We subject every project to rigorous testing on both Windows and Macintosh systems.

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